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Performance Coaching with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Performance Coaching is focused on improving a client’s performance in their current job and addresses the equation:

client’s performance = client’s potential – the client’s problems

with the intention of reducing their problems so that they perform to their full potential. Coaching is a questioning process and is different from Mentoring. Performance Coaching with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) ensures higher performance for my clients, faster, than coaching without NLP.

NLP brings four unique advantages to coaching: the skills of NLP in actually doing the coaching; the techniques of NLP in ensuring results, faster; inspiring self-motivation and forward momentum in clients, and maintaining my own positive state for clear thinking.

The Coaching Continuum shows that coaching without NLP depends upon the client’s own resources for reaching their goals. If the client lacks resources, then in Developmental Coaching the client's problems continue and the client remains performing below their potential. And, in Enhancement Coaching, the client's performance cannot be enhanced. In both cases, the techniques of NLP e.g. New Behaviour Generator, Belief Change, Detachment etc. can re-programme the client and ensure results, faster.

Using the NLP LifeStream Cycle, I ask my client questions to discover their Starting Point, Destination, Route, Resources, and Future. The NLP LifeStream Cycle shows that the standard GROW method (Goal, Reality, Options, and Way forward) does not include the client’s future beyond the current coaching Goal. My Performance Coaching with NLP gets the client looking beyond the current Destination in a powerful, self-motivating way that imparts momentum.

Destination is a combination of Session Goals and Inter-Session Actions. Within sessions I can teach NLP techniques for re-programming my client. Between sessions, my client may attend training courses for acquiring new skills or knowledge.

Profiling of clients before coaching starts is highly beneficial.

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