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What is Whole Brain Thinking?

great minds do not need to think alike!

The Whole Brain model is a metaphor for the thinking or cognitive brain and is linked to its physical roots. Instead of simply ‘left’ and ‘right’ brain, we actually have four quadrants, representing our natural thinking preferences.

Our natural thinking preferences lead us to develop our skills and competences which naturally lead us to our occupations. In some cases, such as family pressure, people are forced into occupations against their natural preferences, which creates internal stresses and underperformance.

Whole Brain Thinking dramatically reveals insights such as: improving performance at the individual, team and organisation levels; situational leadership; matching people and projects; powerful report writing; matching people to jobs; creativity; productivity…and so on. The individual, team and business level applications are boundless and are the basis for the People Skills Training.

What is the HBDI Profile?

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) measures the strengths of a person's thinking preferences in each quadrant. Its outputs includes a wonderfully empowering profile. For example, the typical HBDI profile of an engineer shows the thinking preferences of both a young person (boy or girl) who thinks like an engineer, and a mature person (man or woman) who is an engineer. For the record, the HBDI has been validated world-wide by millions of profiles.

The HBDI is not like other profiling tools such as Myers-Briggs or Belbin that deal with personality or type. I can find no correlation between personality or type and the technical skills to do a job. Uniquely, the HBDI works on all three levels - individual, team and organisation levels.

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